17 September 2015

The Wine Record: Be like Olivia Pope

You guys. How incredibly amazing is Olivia Pope? I mean, she is fierce, she is smart, she is strong and she trusts her gut, and her gut is what?
(However I'd say we could argue that last part with everything that has transpired over the last few seasons).

I think we can all agree that her gut definitely wasn't wrong when it comes to her taste in stemware. Her wine glasses are incredible....

Although I silently cringe a little bit every time she picks up her wine glass (Pro tip: you're supposed to hold a wine glass by the stem, always) I can't help seriously wishing I was her if for no other reason than she owns those wine glasses!

Friends. I've done it. I've found Olivia Pope's wine glasses!


They're at crate and barrel! Go get 'em!

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