03 September 2015

The Wine Record: [Slightly] Nerdy products

Welcome to this week's installment of the Wine Record where I will be sharing info about the shop, some cool info about wine, and anything fun that relates to my personal favorite beverage. Last week, I introduced you guys to Joe, the Bar Manager. This week, I have some really neat products I'm loving.

Do you know about Pop Chart Lab? They are awesome. These two guys got together and started designing a bunch of charts in the form of prints, housewares, stationary. You name it. You can get cool products like this fruits and veggies tote bag which would be perfect for taking with you to Findlay Market or this punny periodic table of heavy metal print.

Personally, I have this culinary tools print in my kitchen and LOVE IT.

Currently I'm loving these slightly nerdy products related to wine. I'm pining over them and they'll definitely be making an appearance on my wishlist the next time a gift giving occassion comes up. [Hint: my birthday is in October].

These amazing glasses that depict the process of making wine.

This insane print of the genealogy of wine.

Don't you love them?

Me too!

Cheers, all. (insert wine glass emoji).

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