15 October 2015

The Wine Record: Kristen + Ray

We love getting to know the people that come into the shop. Knowing more about the people who come here makes our jobs more fun, more interesting, and helps us bring in the right wines. Sometimes when Zach tastes wine, he will name out a specific customer and say "this should be on the shelves for them". When you start to get to know people that way, it gets really fun.

The folks that come by the shop begin to feel like family pretty quickly. It is so great to see the same people each week and I'm loving hearing their stories about how they found the shop and why it feels like "their place". Kristen and Ray are a great example. The shop has become their place so much so that they asked to have some of their engagement photos shot here! What a blast!

Here are a few photos from their session that we love:

Their photographer is Susan Stewart of Stewart Hunter photography. For more of her work you can check out their website here.

Wine shop. Soon to be bar. Photography studio.... why not?

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