10 December 2015

Serial season 2 is out!

You guys.

FINALLY. Season 2 of the Serial podcast is out! The first episode is finally up. I'm listening now and I'm on the edge of my seat!

This season is about Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. solider who was held captive by the Taliban for almost 5 years. Do you guys remember this? This is the guy who walked away from his post, right out into hostile territory in Afghanistan. The guy for whom Obama made a trade in order to secure his freedom. The series will focus on Bergdahl's conversations with film maker Mark Boal, who spent hours and hours talking to him. It sounds like it is going to be totally fascinating.

I listened to season 1 in about a day, so listening to this one in real time is going to be like torture! (Free Adnan, btw)

Will you listen?


  1. If Mark Boal would make this as a film it would be great. But the suffering Bowe Bergdahl underwent cannot be compared to this. Anyway, thanks for the share.

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  2. I couldn't get into this season, but LOVED the first one - I've listened to it so many times i can basically quote it. Free Adnan for sure (I mean, it was Jay and Jen, right?)

    How did you find season 2?
    Charlotte x
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