14 April 2016

A quick spring snack

Do you ever have one of those days that just kind of gets away from you and before you know it the afternoon is coming to a close and you haven't eaten anything of substance all day? Well, that is what happened to me yesterday. I had a smoothie in the morning, went to work and then the day slipped away from me. By 4:00 the only other thing I had put in my body was a protein shake and I was sooo hungry.

4:00 is such a weird time to have a meal with dinner still in the cards and Sean and I were planning to go to the gym, so I still wanted to eat something fairly light and healthy but still delicious. That's when it hit me! I needed a years before, blast from the past snack. My crab, cucumber, avocado and egg bowl:

I used to make this all the time in college. It was easy, healthy, cheap, and different. Perfect for snacking. I remember it came about because my college roommate would eat cottage cheese with tuna, avocado and hot sauce all the time.  I tried that for a while, but I have a confession: I. Hate. Cottage cheese. I just do! I can't help it. I have no capacity in my brain to understand people who say they love cottage cheese. Surely, they are lying? So, I came up with this alternative in a series of different bowl attempts. It kind of evolved into this by many variations of trial and error until I arrived at this combination. You kind of wouldn't think of it, but once you try it it makes total sense.

 So here's what ya need:

1/2 avocado- peeled, pitted, and chopped
2 imitation crab sticks- chopped
1 mini cucumber- halved length wise and then sliced into 1/4 inch slices
1 egg- hard boiled, peeled and sliced. I shared an excellent article that covers the proper way to hard boil an egg here if you need it.
1 Tbsp Teriyaki sauce
Cilantro, sliced green onions and a dash of toasted sesame seeds for topping

And here's what ya do:

1. Combine the first four ingredients in a bowl.
2. Drizzle with Teriyaki
3. Top with cilantro, green onions, and sesame seeds.
4. Enjoy!

So super easy!

**A tip about the article: The egg slide is slide 34 of 60. Click on "see all" to scroll directly to it.**

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